Meet the Maker

Hello friends. My name is Angela Brooke Gonzalez, and I am the owner of Brooke Birch Tea Shoppe.

A travelling tea shop intent on "creating comfort and connections, one cup at a time." I create custom herbal tea blends in small batches. All my ingredients are organic, fair-trade, with no added flavorings in sight. Just the natural ones given to us by the herbs, fruits, and teas we use in our blends.

My dream/goal is to grow this little travelling tea business so I can pop up and bring the joy of teas right to your door (or local craft fair, vendor event, park, etc). I want to create a community, a space where we can all share our stories and lives and just connect with each other in real life as well as online.

I believe that tea is a beautiful pastime we can experience by ourselves or with others. Whether it's enjoying a cuppa as our morning ritual, starting the day with good intention and focus, needing a little extra soothing and comfort before bed, or enjoying tea and cakes with friends. Tea has always had a magical, healing effect and I truly hope you enjoy the teas as much as I love making them.

So, thanks for reading this. I hope you will check out my tea shop, spread the word, follow along on our social media pages, buy some tea. And I hope to see you on the road one day.

Happy sipping <3

Have questions? Want to tell us about an event in your town we simply cannot miss? Just want to say hi? Please do not hesitate to reach out.